Do Better

Our workshop this weekend was amazing.  Absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  The only down moment was explaining to our attendees why our workshop was moved from Evergreen to Colorado Springs only 6 weeks before the workshop.  I have decided it’s my truth to speak it here and speak it LOUD because these are the types of situations that bring down our industry.

Sara Lazio of Lazio Images has stolen $820 from us.  If you go visit her Instagram you may find this puzzling, as she is currently posting about SELF COMPASSION, TRUSTING INTUITION, and KILLING THE CREATIVE MARTER.  Such a weird concept while you do it on someone else’s dime.  We chose to host our two Family is Everything workshops at Dwell Evergreen because of the beautiful location and it’s unique ability to house 8 people as a former dormitory.  We paid a 50% deposit for each workshop via Venmo, please learn from us and do NOT send money via Venmo for business purposes no matter who it is or how trustworthy they appear to be.

We looked forward to showing our attendees the beauty of Evergreen, but as we prepared to send our attendees their welcome packet we found our emails, texts, and IG messages asking for the address ignored.  On April 18, we finally received an email from Sara informing us she no longer had the property so we would not be able to host our workshops on the property.  While she promised a full refund, it has been 60 days and we are still waiting.  She has ignored all messages sent, but continues to post her adventures on Instagram with heartfelt posts like “live your best poem”.  Not only were we forced to find a new location, which at that late date cost twice as much as the original, we are temporarily forced to eat the cost of the deposit while we consider legal action.

In the photography industry, we have bad apples who take a deposit for a session and then ghost their client, sometimes on their wedding day.  They are the minority, but when people do this it reflects poorly on all of us. If we sit in silence when a fellow photographer does it to us we contribute to the problem. If we want to raise up our industry it starts with us and how we treat each other.  Publicly holding people accountable may just be the only way the whispered transgressions in our industry see the light.


Before anyone asks, if this post is not updated that means she has still not paid us back.