Hustle & Flow of Family Photography


The Hustler

Storyteller – Techie – Olympic Binge Watcher – Traveler

I'm mother to a child who tests my boundaries every day, and wife to a man who drives me crazy. We live in one of the best places on earth; but my husband had to drag my ass here, kicking and screaming the whole way. This is me. The kind of person who can honestly say: You take your life into your own hands if you talk to me before I've had my coffee. The kind of person who never turns down a martini, Thai food, or dessert.

Life is good.

I'm in love with taking pictures of the good lifekicking and screaming included. My photographs are an extension of me, and you should know I've never been accused of being a quiet person. My camera loves people who make funny faces, hugs and kisses are a session requirement, and when someone throws a tantrum I click my shutter faster. If I laugh at an image while culling a session, no matter how bad it may be from a technical standpoint, it automatically goes into the editing queue.

I want to see people's loud, their love, their life. Together, we make pictures that make them say: This is Us.

Final note: I always hold a camera while I walk to my car because you never know what will happen. But you should know that in most cases I would rather eat glass than take pictures outside. #inhomesessionsforlife


The Observer

Feeler – Diet Coke and Podcast Lover – Adventure and Light Seeker

I am a mama to two incredible and energetic boys, wife to a patient and extremely supportive man, dreamer and visual storyteller.  

If I had to choose one thing to photograph for the rest of my life I'd choose the element of connection. Because isn't that what we all want and need in this life? Connection to each other and the world around us. 

I'm extremely passionate about creating photographs that tell a unique family story and document authentic emotion. To me the most beautiful photographs are the ones that capture life unscripted. 

I seek to find any kind of interesting light, whether it be a backlit golden sunset, or that blue hour just after the sun goes down.  Combined with the wonder of mother nature and each unique family story, there is always something truly magical to photograph and unveil. 

The Details

This workshop includes:

All meals and lodging (Thurs - Sun) 
just bring yourself and camera

In-Home Family Session led by Colie
chaos and crying included at no additional charge

Outdoor Family Session led by Sara
all the fresh mountain air and Colorado Sun you can possibly consume

Portfolio and Website reviews 
done in a group setting with wine to dull the pain

Intimate group discussions
on all aspects of the art and business of family photography

We will spend our time exploring…

Light - ALL light, not just that gorgeous natural light Sara chases, the shitty kind Colie photographs too.

The Hustle - You know ALL the stuff you do to get the clients in your pipeline. 

The Client Experience - I really hate to sound cliche, but all the things you do to create an amazing experience for your clients and keep them satisfied. This includes case studies on actual clients and tools to keep them coming back.

Workflow - This goes beyond an editing process, but that is covered as well.  We will delve into Client Management and Automation to simply your life.  We all dream of the work-life balance, right? Let's see what we can do to get your life back.

Creating a business that fits you - Colie and Sara could not possibly be more different in their approach to clients and running a family photography business.  Let's go beyond the one-size-fits-all mentality.


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